DPS, Hathras endeavors to build up an ambience of reverence for education & a healthy environment has brought the school among the best schools in India.
8Km Milestone on SH-33, Hathras-Mathura Road,
P.O. Box: Hathras

The Curriculum is based on CBSE directives and NCERT course. All aspects of academics are taken care of with due emphasis on interactive learning. Theory and Practicals are given due importance.

The core curriculum is designed to give students an in-depth mastery of the academic disciplines and applied functional areas. The curriculum gives students a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge that facilitates a learning environment where students learn, analyze and apply — rather than merely know. The nurturing of a child’s academic curiosity and development is at the centre of our curriculum.

Teaching Methodology
Teaching is very interactive and student friendly. Students are encouraged to ask questions. Scientific fervor and temper is fostered and encouraged. Learning by doing is ensured. Revision cycles are planned, class work and home tasks are periodically and scrupulously checked by teachers. Lesson plans and assignments are devised right from the beginning of the session, to avoid any snag. Language nuances are taught and reinforced through language lab. Other subjects including languages are also taught through smart classes. Remedial for slow learners.

MAIN SUBJECTS Offered in Pre Primary
English, Hindi, Mathematics and E.V.S.

MAIN SUBJECTS Offered in Primary and Upper Primary
English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS (Grade 1st and 2nd)

The following are the subjects offered by the DPS Hathras:- (Upper Primary- Grade 3rd to Grade 8th)

  • Language I (English)
  • Language II (Hindi)
  • Language III ( Sanskrit/ French)
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Science

MAIN SUBJECTS Offered in Secondary

  • Language I (English Language and Literature only for IX and English Communicative only for X)
  • Language II (Hindi Course ‘B’ / Sanskrit)
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Applications (Only for IX) and Foundation of information technology (FIT) (Only for X)

Assessment Policy for Classes Nursery to II
The academic year is divided into two terms and each term has two assessment reports. Each assessment report is based on the continuous evaluation based on class activities, worksheets and assignments on day to day basis.

The report card will only reflect the colours.

Assessment Policy for Classes III to VIII

  • Regular PERIODIC ASSESSMENT (PA) is conducted for all subjects in each term.
  • The HALF YEAR EXAMINATION and ANNUAL EXAMINATION is held in the month of September/ March.

Assessment Policy for Classes IX and X

  • The Assessment Policy is followed as per the latest CBSE guidelines and the circular.
  • Periodic Tests (PT-1, PT-2 and PT-3) is conducted as per the schedule.