DPS, Hathras endeavors to build up an ambience of reverence for education & a healthy environment has brought the school among the best schools in India.
8Km Milestone on SH-33, Hathras-Mathura Road,
P.O. Box: Hathras
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  • 30 OctDress Circular
  • 30 OctEVENT CALENDER 2015
  • 30 OctCIR-NSTSE-10-AUG-2015

Why DPS?

  • 1200+ Students
  • 150 Faculties
  • 1500 Alumni
  • 82 Acres of Land


Our Mission is to nurture individual potential. We believe...
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Mr. Swapnil Jain

Pro Vice Chairman, DPS Hathras


  • British Council - INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD 2016 - 19
  • ISO (International Standard Organisation) Certified
  • Certificate of Approval for Quality Management System
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  • We couldn't be happier with our son's start to school life. From day one he ran into the class without looking back. He has learned so much from Nursery and made lots of new friends. He talks about the Nursery staff a lot out of schools and cares very much for all of you.

    - Mrs. Archana Sisodia

  • We are amazed how much our son has changed since he started Preparatory. His confidence has soared and he has absolutely loved his time in Preparatory, making lots of new friends and enjoying all aspects of learning. Thank you to all the staff for making it such a great experience for him.

    - Mr. Hariom Verma

  • We are absolutely thrilled with our child's school report. We were a little concerned that he was still emotionally behind his peers in some areas, but we have seen his confidence grow more and more we feel this has been down to his teacher recognising early on that there was an issue. I now believe with her encouragement and sensitivity to these issues, he has been able to become much more confident in class and group situations. I am thrilled to read that his confidence continues to grow.

    - Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh

  • Our daughter's journey through Delhi Public School Hathras has made us very proud...thank you to her teacher who has contributed so much in helping him to overcome his confidence issues. Also not forgetting the Principal Ma’am who has helped her (and myself!) through some challenging situations! Thank you.

    - Mrs. Meena Chauhan

  • I very much appreciate the report into our son's progress and knowing what his strengths are as well as being able to see his weaknesses. Tips and ideas on improving these have always been appreciated which has helped me to develop his learning appropriately.

    - Mr. Anil Kumar

  • Thank you not only for this report but also all your hard work. Our daughter loves school, loves learning and as a result is very happy at Delhi Public School Hathras. I know how hard you have worked with her because she comes home bubbling with commentary on his learning and a never ending stream of questions to Google. She is stimulated and challenged and you have really inspired a passion for learning. I couldn't be more delighted that she has enjoyed and I am so thankful to you for it.

    - Mrs. Reena Chaudhary

  • So lovely to read such a fantastic report. We are very proud of our daughter’s achievements at Delhi Public School Hathras. Thank you to her teacher for understanding her and helping her to reach her full potential. Her confidence has grown and we really appreciate all that you do.

    - Mr. Saurav Bhardwaj

  • Our daughter has loved every day and we are so pleased that she works hard and tries to do her best! Full credit to the teaching staff of Delhi Public School Hathras who have been fantastic - brilliant assets to the school, thank you!

    - Mr. Alok Kumar

  • Thank you for feedback on our son’s achievement in Class VII at Delhi Public School Hathras. He has enjoyed his time and always speaks fondly of teachers and staff who looks after him. It is a big learning curve for him that encouraged independence and decision making.

    - Mr. Varun Bhardwaj


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Admission Process

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