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  • Early Childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. The learning capabilities of human continue for the rest of their lives but not at the intensity that is demonstrated in the preschool years.

    With this in mind, Early Childhood Education (ECE) workshop was organized on 24 May, 2023 and the venue for the same was DPS Hathras Resource Lab. All school teachers had participated in this workshop. The workshop was conducted under the supervision of Ms. Neena Chaku, Principal of DPS Hathras.

    The resource person was Ms. Aleema Tanveer (Attended Workshop at DPSS-HRDC on Early Childhood Education from 07 May to 16 May, 2023.

    The workshop was organized to share the learning outcomes of what was experienced by Ms. Aleema Tanveer.

    The resource person emphasized on providing an open and positive atmosphere to children because that will not only support what goes inside the classroom, but will also instill the desire to create learning attitude. She added that curriculum must be based on moral values and interaction with peers and educators through which children improve their use of language and social skills and start to develop logical and reasoning skills that should be inculcated through examples, not by force. Ms. Aleema Tanveer also shared some tips to resolve behavioural issues of children and emphasized on using child’s potential by letting them use their own strategies to handle tasks independently.

    Some glimpses of one day Workshop.

  • CBSE has taken an initiative to sensitize teachers across the country on the basics of Financial Literacy and the use of Digital Tools that are relevant in the current scenario. The session focused to create awareness about basic financial planning, how to avoid falling prey to phishing and cyber frauds, etc. This helped educators stay updated to plan their future in a better way and also disseminate their learning and extracted experience with the students so that they deal with the finances vigilantly. This initiative is part of Activities related to Investor Education and Awareness Initiative in terms of SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996. The session was conducted in offline mode by CoE-NOIDA. Delhi Public School Hathras was the hub. Teachers from different schools in Hathras participated by registering themselves through the link provided by CBSE. A total of 188 teachers had articipated.

    The session was headed by Dr. Akeelur Rehman. He has about 15 years of extensive experience. Have been associated with Securities market &Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for the last more than 10 years as securities market trainer conducted more than 600 Financial Education and Investor Awareness Program for SEBI, NSE, BSE, AMFI and PERDA. Currently working at Aligarh Muslim University and Pune Institute of Business Management as a visiting Faculty.

    The session began by welcoming the guest speaker and the participants. The Principal,  Ms. Neena Chaku placed the heartiest gratitude on behalf of the entire DPS Fraternity by presenting a momento to the guest speaker.

  • A List of Staff Enrichment Programme 2019-20
  • Staff Enrichment Programme

    S. No. Date Name of Activity Nature of Activity Classes/Group Involved Theme/Topic
    1. 27.06.2019 Workshop Organised by Mr. Ramesh Prasad Ratnasagar, Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi and Resource Person – Anjali Singh as an Educator cum Motivational Trainer at DPS JW Aligarh. All Academic Staff of DPS Hathras/DPS SW Aligarh/DPS JW Aligarh alongwith the Principal DPS Hathras Upholding Integrity and Work Ethics
    2. 26.07.2019 Workshop Organized by CBSE COE Allahabad at BLS International, Hathras. Mr. Shobhit Singh, Computer Science Teacher and Mr. Arjun Pratap Singh, P.H.E. Teacher attended this programme. Khelo India Fitness Assessment TOT Programme
    3. 09.08.2019 Workshop Organized by British Council India, New Delhi at Hotel Lalit New Delhi. Ms. Nafeesa Khan attended this meeting ISA Mid Year Review Briefing Meeting
    4. 21.08.2019 to 23.08.2019 Workshop Orgainsed by Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi at DPS HRD Center Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Mr. Inder Singh, Mathematics Teacher attended this workshop. Sustaining Mathematics
    5. 18.09.2019 To 20.09.2019 Workshop Orgainsed by Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi at DPS HRD Center Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Mr. Shivam Singh, Sanskrit Teacher attended this workshop. Sanskrit Language Communication Workshop-‘Vak-Bhushanam’-II
    6. 19.09.2019 Workshop Organized by CBSE RO Noida at DPS Bulandshahr Ms. Neena Chaku, Principal DPS Hathras attended this workshop. Principal’s Meet on Experimental Learning
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