• MAGICAL MARKET (Experiential and Conceptual Activity)
  • Delhi Public School Hathras has been trying its best to increase awareness through various programs from time to time. In this episode, a magical market was organized today on 27.4.2023, under which the students (from class 3rd to 7th) were explained the meaning of transaction, profit and loss while shopping. Experiential and conceptual method has been considered the most important method in education psychology. Experimenters study the behavior of students in a controlled situation.

    All the students were seen dancing to the slow music playing in the Magical Market. During this, Principal Ms. Neena Chaku appreciated students for enthusiastically participating in the activity. Questionnaire was also designed to get the feedback of the learning experience. Overall, it was a very interesting method of teaching and learning process.

  • “To sensitize the children to become the crusaders for environmental conservation, school organized assembly on the ‘Earth Day”

    A special assembly was conducted, shared their views about the importance of saving Earth and the measures that can be adopted to save our planet. A hand-out was given to the students based on the significance of our planet and the steps to keep our environment clean and green.

    Art competition was organized on 28.04.2023 to create awareness on Earth Day. Students of Class Nursery to 10 participated in the competition by inscribing their thoughts on the topic.

    Group-1 (Class 3 to 5), first place was given to Priyan Agarwal, second to Harsh Chauhan, third was bagged by Akshay Singh and consolation prize to Nandani. Winners of Group – 2& 3 (Class 6 to 10) Abhinav Jain, Shreyans Maheshwari, Vanshika Ponia, Shivaji, Jahnavi, Anshika Agarwal, Rishi Jain and Gargi Choudhary. The team members from State Bank of India, Ms. Sonal Saxena, Chief Manager and Ms. Surbhi Rathore, Assistant Chief Manager felicitated the winners and appreciated the talent and encouraged them to have a bright future ahead.

    On this occasion, Ms. Neena Chaku, Principal of the school expressed gratitude to all the officers of SBI and congratulated the winners of the Art Competition.

  • “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information”

    Students from Class Nursery to II donned their ‘Chef Caps’ to exhibit their culinary skills in ‘Cooking Without Fire’ held on 20 January 2023. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out nutritious yet delectable delicacies items. Artifact and food items displayed were a visual treat and were presented in an artistic and aesthetic style. The teachers interacted with the budding chefs to find out the ingredients of the recipes dishes prepared by them. The activities not only provided a platform for the students to foster their creativity and decision making skills but also helped them explore their hidden talents and discover new areas of interest.

  • A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains and woods, but it is a principle – and Patriotism is loyalty to that principle.

    Sacrifices of our martyrs bore fruit in the form of our much treasured independence. But that was not all. This independence became complete only after our constitution was enforced on 26th January, 1950.

    Our Constitution gave all its citizens their due recognition around the globe. It is a day that invokes the sense of patriotism and love for the nation.

    Delhi Public School Hathras celebrated 74th Republic Day with great patriotic fervour. Our students decorated the soft boards with the theme ‘Pride and Patriotism’ to show respect towards the constitution and love towards the country.

    Tiny tots of Classes Nursery to 2 with 100% participation danced on the patriotic song in white attire with tri-colour sashe showing their love for the nation. Students of Chenab house filled the atmosphere with patriotism.

    The Principal, Ms. Neena Chaku in her address apprised the gathering, briefing about the Indian Constitution and its unique features and reminded the duties of a good citizen.

  • “Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”

    The much awaited festival of Christmas was celebrated with fervour and zeal by Ganga House students on 23 December, 2022. They presented an array of interesting programmes. The school echoed with Christmas carols and holy hymns sung melodiously by the school choir ushering in the festive season. The students enthusiastically participated and enacted the roles and a group of small children presented a dance on Jingle bells. The children were ecstatic! And Santa thoroughly enjoyed the attention. The students of Class Nursery to II dressed up as a Santa. The children carried home the message of sharing and caring as well as the pleasure and pride of spreading peace, true to the spirit of the celebration.

    The message of the assembly was loud and clear--- Come let us embrace the spirit of Christmas by bringing joy and happiness into someone’s life.

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